Aug 9, 2022Liked by David Gasca

What a great post on an all-important topic. The conclusion of the post about mindfulness is right on the dot. We assign imaginary values to things that we think will bring us happiness. That rare strawberry, the fancy car, and in fact everything else. The amazing, and ridiculous industry called “the influencers” industry is a recent attempt at creating the mania for dreams that people think will bring them happiness. As long as we assign worth to external objects, and the worth is our imagined level of happiness that an object brings us, we will continue the endless cycle of desire-momentary-pleasure-next-desire. We will sacrifice the bulk of our time and energy for that momentary pleasure. As you say in the post, if we truly connect with the most precious and unlikely event, namely our individual existence, when we truly see what a gift this round of existence in this world is that has been bestowed upon each of us, then no mega lottery can even come close to it. When we tightly hug our loved ones, and think of the unlikely gift called life that we are given, we are liable to be so ecstatic as to go out on the street and dance and tell everyone that they have all won the mega lottery, and then some. Cherish that breath. Ah….

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