Looking back over the past months, there is one commonality running through most of my non-mindfulness-focused newsletters and that is that I have a lot…
Reflections on things falling apart
Today’s newsletter is niche and slightly different than my normal fare. Below are my reflections of Borgen Seasons 1-4. As I mentioned in my last post…
Finding life in the spaces in between
“Lose an hour in the morning chase it all day.” - Yiddish saying For most of my life I didn’t have a morning routine. It wasn’t really until my…
For my birthday this year I decided that my new goal is to have better conversations. Post-pandemic I feel motivated to meet new people and break out of…
Exploring the adjacent possible in the pursuit of greatness
On the Fundamental Process to Generate Living Systems, based on Christopher Alexander's Nature of Order
Reflections on the role of coffee in history, why cyclists drink espresso, and why tea can be better than coffee
One book I’ve come back to a few times the past few years is Cal Newport’s “Deep Work.” For those of you not familiar with the term, “deep work” is…
On going back to the bare necessities
Reflecting on the bardo after being sick